Nikolai Kraneis – paintings, sketches and drawings

I am a painter living in Berlin. My subjects are classic and urban landscapes, wildlife art and still lifes.

  • Baitz, 30x40cm
    Baitz, 30x40cm
  • Heron, 30x30cm
    Heron, 30x30cm
  • Landscape Darss, 70x80cm
    Landscape Darss, 70x80cm
  • winter in Lehnin, 30x40cm
    winter in Lehnin, 30x40cm
  • boat in Lychen, 30x30cm
    boat in Lychen, 30x30cm
  • Belzig, 30x30cm
    Belzig, 30x30cm
  • near Belzig, 30x30cm
    near Belzig, 30x30cm
  • Jelenia Gora, 60x50cm
    Jelenia Gora, 60x50cm

Random artworks (reload the website to see other stuff)

Road along Gabarevo
Road along Gabarevo
Nieritzstraße in Dresden, 40x30cm, oil
Nieritzstraße in Dresden
Bridge in Dresden, 24x30cm, oil
Bridge in Dresden
Farm buildings in Rijksburg, 30x40cm
Farm buildings in Rijksburg
Lada Niva
Lada Niva
Kloster Lehnin, old houses, 30x30cm
Kloster Lehnin, old houses
Reclined nude with cat, lino cut
Reclined nude with cat
Trees along Tundzha river
Trees along Tundzha river